Four best SEO tips for the beginners

SEO is all about making the content on your website very attractive and easy to crawl for search engine robots. The effect of such an arrangement is the ease of visibility by visitors who use search engines to get links to particular information on the internet.

Here are the basic SEO tips for the beginners

Use page titles to describe content accurately

5678i7ytuPage titles are the first things that visitors using search engines see. These titles affect the perception of the visitor. Therefore, they should be descriptive but brief. They should help the visitor to understand the content of a given page. Usually, the title should also contain the keyword or phrase that you are using for your page. For instance, if a page is about photography and camera lenses then the title needs to include these words so that visitors have a fair idea of what to expect.

Include a page description in your articles

Rather than just start articles with the content they have, a good practice should be to include an introduction. You should also have an introduction text on your homepage. The essence of doing as a text format is that the robots from the search engines will capture the text and use it for offering visitors a brief description of your site. Later, you will have to incorporate the description into the meta-tags of your page. Several plugins can help you do that in different website making platforms.

Avoid duplicate content

Try to use unique articles for your websites. Avoid the temptation of copying and pasting other articles word for word. You want search engines to find your website or blog useful and worthy of sharing to people who are seeking information on a particular subject. Do not make a mistake of copying articles to fill your websites. The visitors might enjoy the articles, but the search engines will not. A consequence of duplicate content online is the depreciation of your site’s page rank. Your site will not be available on the top pages of search engine results pages when an internet user types keywords that match what you are providing. This outcome can be very bad for business.

Use real words in the permanent link structure

erth546yrgdYou might not be an IT guru but getting a permanent link structure for your website is a must. An excellent way to do it is to hire SEO experts to check the site and make necessary changes. However, that choice is only ideal for someone who is utterly unsure of how a basis website operates. For many other website owners, you probably already understand the backend of your site. You can update articles and add multimedia content such as pictures to your website or blog. In the backend, you are likely to find general site settings about the URL structure. If you have a blog, then you can choose to have the title of the page or article as part of the URL. This trick makes it easy for search engines to know what the site is about and to find relevant keywords that match what internet users want.

Follow this brief and very timely guide on making your site SEO friendly, and you will reap the rewards of a high page rank. The basic SEO tips for the beginners are not exhaustive, but they represent the no-compromise parts of SEO that you cannot overlook.

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