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EasyStat 3.0 is now available for download.

The much awaited version 3.0 is now finally ready. It’s got all the features that you suggested and is ready to take over the world. It has intuitive graphics, all the statistics you would ever need, is super fast, customizable and is also enterprise ready. And to top it all, it’s got the lowest price you will find on any commercial application of this type. Add the fact that each registered user is entitled to all future versions for free and you won’t find yourself a better deal!
If you don’t believe us, download your free version now and try it out. It has all the features of the registered version but it will only create one account.

Our contest is now closed! The winner of the EasyStat 3.0 Business Edition has been randomly selected from the list of all the people that subscribed to receive our monthly Newsletter during the past 30 days.

Keep coming back to EasyStat.Net and see what’s new, because we are planning more of these types of contests and, who knows, you might get a free copy of EasyStat too!

Meanwhile here’s what the winner, Craig Waugh from Canada, is saying about EasyStat:

“Thank you very much! This is the first thing I’ve ever won on the web, and I’m thrilled.
Of course I accept the prize with much gratitude. I’d be honored to accept the registered copy, as I am very happy with your product.” – Craig Waugh

EasyStat History

EasyStat 3.0 released (Dec 12, 1999)
This new version of EasyStat is the most important version that has ever been released. It is a complete new application, rewritten to address some portability and scaleability issues. Plus, all the features you requested are now integrated into this version. We can proudly say that it can compete with any other application of this type on the net, while having a price that is almost three times less than the competition.

EasyStat 2.1 released (Sep 1, 1999)
This was an update that added many features and fixed a couple of things that were misreported in the previous version. This version also set the record of more than 1000 downloads in the first week it was released.
EasyStat 2.0 released (July 26, 1999)
This version added security and began the series of Top20 statistics. It was also the version that set the standard for the look and feel of the statistics. Customization was also a major part of this version.
EasyStat 1.0 released (May 31, 1999)
This was the first version of EasyStat. It had only the basic statistics and it had no security at all. But it was still a big success. Thanks to all the feedback received. It helped us immensely.

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